Executive & Central Committee 2022-2024

Central Committee Officers
Mike Harris, Chairman
Will Kernen, Treasurer
Janet Conrad, Secretary

Executive Committee Officers
Jessica Dicken, Vice Chair
Jamie Riggs, Treasurer
Teresa Salizzoni, Secretary

Central Committee Members

Central Committee Members are elected by Republicans in their precincts every two years (during the primary election). These are your precinct level Republican representatives. Republican voters are welcome to contact their representatives with questions or for information.

Drew Rolston, Logan 1

Charles Moritz, Logan 2

Denise Whalen, Logan 3

Patrick Kelley, Logan 4

VACANT, Benton

Mike Harris, Falls 1

Michele Bell, Falls 2

Cathye Flory, Falls 3

Will Kernen, Good Hope

Janet Conrad, Green 1

Carolyn (Sue) Morgan, Green 2

Jack Barnes, Laurel

VACANT, Marion 1

Jeffrey Kornmiller, Marion 2

Colleen Robinette Rife, Perry 1

Mike Linton, Perry 2

VACANT, Salt Creek

Sheila McAfee, Starr

Wade (Duane) Gill, Ward

Ed Zell, Washington

Executive Committee Members

Jack Barnes
Michele Bell
Janet Conrad
Jessica Dicken
Ray Elzey
Cathye Flory
Wade (Duane) Gill
Patrick Kelley
Will Kernen
Jeffrey Kornmiller
Mike Harris
Laura Hopstetter
Scott Kitzmiller
Mike Linton
Sheila McAfee
Carolyn (Sue) Morgan
Caleb Moritz
Charles Moritz
Jamie Riggs
Colleen Robinette Rife
Drew Rolston
Teresa Salizzoni
Denise Whalen
Ed Zell
Judy Zell