Josh Mandel for US Senate

When Treasurer Mandel took office in 2011, Ohio’s finances were ranked 43rd and the state faced an $8 billion budget hole. At the end of his first term, Ohio’s financial ranking had improved to 7th in the nation and the state had more than a $1 billion surplus.

As Treasurer of Ohio, Josh helped lead the charge to end Ohio’s death tax and bring sanity to the state’s onerous municipal income tax system. He also launched, a website that sets a new national standard for government transparency and empowers taxpayers to hold politicians’ feet to the fire. As a result of, Josh improved Ohio’s fiscal transparency ranking from 46th to 1st in the nation.

Josh is now running for the U.S. Senate to transfer the power from the politicians to the people and give Ohioans the freedom to live the life they want to live and the opportunity to work the job they want to work.

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